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GSVFD’s Newest Firefighter/EMT’s

GSVFD is proud to announce three new Volunteer Firefighter/EMT's joining the ranks of the best in Fairfax County; Jonathan Choi, Glenn Hanna and Laura Olsen were presented their Black Helmet by Fairfax County Fire Chief Bowers and Volunteer Liaison Jeffrey Katz at a public event held at the Fairfax County Government Center after completing hundreds of hours of training.

When asked about why they wanted to become a firefighter, Laura told us "I grew up with firefighting in the family - her grandfather, Ken Warfield, was a career firefighter and Fire Chief in Wayne, Michigan - and as a girl she visited Station 22 for its annual neighborhood open houses. Laura works in public health and was interested in volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician when she joined GSVFD in 2013, as a newly returned Peace Corps Volunteer looking for a way to give back to her community at home. Over the course of her two years at the station, she loved learning about the fire side of volunteering and was inspired to work towards becoming a firefighter as well."

Glenn told us"My son and I found out together about volunteering during the open house with his Cub Scout troop. I jumped head first at the opportunity and never looked back. It has been the most fulfilling work I have ever done."

We are very proud of Jonathan, Glenn and Laura for their dedication and commitment to helping ensure the safety of the residents and visitors to Springfield and Fairfax County.

Job well done !

Firefighter/EMT Choi, Hanna & Olsen

GSVFD Engine 422 Bravo

Firefighter/EMT Jonathan Choi

Firefighter/EMT Glenn Hanna

Firefighter/EMT Laura Olsen

Fireschool on the nozzel

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