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Fire Prevention

Smoke Alarms Save Lives


Greater Springfield Volunteer Fire Department is offering free smoke alarms to residents who are in need of this simple but effective life safety alarm but might not be able to afford or install one themselves.

For information on requesting a free smoke detector and to schedule a free installation by a member of the Greater Springfield Volunteer Fire Department, contact the station at: 703-451-0120.

For Fairfax residents outside of the Springfield area, please contact the station nearest your home.

Get a Smoke Alarm - Smoke Alarms - Why, Where and Which

For more fire safety information visit FireSafety.gov and US Fire Administration websites

Your smoke detector is an alarm located on or near the ceiling.

There is a small test button that is usually colored. Push the button and hold for several seconds until you hear the alarm sound. If after 15-20 seconds there is no sound, change the battery and repeat.

Your smoke detector may be powered by any of the following sources:
  1. Wired into the house wiring
  2. 9-volt battery operation
  3. Wired with a 9-volt battery backup

Check and replace your battery with a fresh battery when you set the clocks back in the fall and forward in the spring.

* Remember: Never replace a smoke detector without a fresh battery!
* Any Smoke Alarm over 10 years old should be replaced with a NEW Smoke Alarm

Smoke Detectors should be located on every floor and in every sleeping room. For more information read the Smoke Detector Information Brochure
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