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The Greater Springfield Volunteer Fire Department is also seeking Fire Corps Non-Operational Citizen Advocate members to aid in the support of our operational members. The video below can answer some of your questions – contact us to answer the rest.

GSVFD operates one of several Canteen/Rehab units in Fairfax County. Known as C422 (Canteen 422) it provides much needed refreshments on major incidents and special events to both Fire/Rescue and Police personnel.

GSVFD FireCorps members are encouraged to sign up to to staff the Canteen/Rehab unit. It’s a great way to see the action, meet a wide range of people and feel like one of the most appreciated folks around (everyone loves the Canteen !).

Ask about how you can get involved in the exciting aspect of volunteering by attending one of GSVFD Recruiting nights – JOIN NOW to get started! JOIN NOW

Learn more about FireCorps – watch the video